Hey guys, so today I wanted to show you my plus size ootd because I was feeling myself, and also to show how I styled a few items from my previous haul!


  1. I have such a hard time finding a good bra for my little boobies. I can never find one that is wide enough on the sides (too avoid my fat from spilling over it) & that is also a small cup. I swear I'm like a barely B cup. I need help finding a good bra! 😩😩😩

  2. I used to wear cacique bras too but then I decided to try the plunge torrid bras, I had found some on clearance and I'm sold! I have the first bra you showed in purple!

  3. I like the push up plunge bra from Torrid. It's my bra if I wanna be extra sexy.
    But I live for lane Bryant bras they support my 42F. But I will check on more Torrid bras

  4. I hate that most of Torrid bras have all that padding in it because my boob's don't have enough room but in bras without the padding they fit perfect.

  5. I've ordered like fifty million bras just to send them back. I wear that lace bralette in purple. I love it! I would like to look for the one you are wearing. I have big, hangy boobs. To be fair, i'm a lot older. I just hope to find a bra i like-till then it will be different color bralettes!!

  6. I love those shorts! Wish they were still in stock. I'll have to try Torrids bras. I wear Cacique and they're alright, I would love to find something better!

  7. Hey girl 🤗you ever tried the brand JMS they can send catalogs to your house and they almost always have sales and a big variety of sizes and brands for plus size women and some basic clothing pieces as well…I love getting my bras from there…just sharing the info…great vid new sub 🙂 😊

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