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  1. leon i am having this problem in v.1.2.2, i just reached drag city after passing the mt. i entered pokecentre and suddenly the game freezed,i closed the game and opened the game when i select to open slot means my progress to continue playing, a dialogue box appears which says —– script'following pokemon'line 950:NoMethodError occurred. undefined method 'spriteset' for#<Scene_Intro:0x853ca98> please do reply leon what to do next i can,t play further because of this error

  2. can you please list the software requirements for this game?
    like, i need dotnet4.5, directx9, etc… whats the stuff i need to play this game?
    i am a linux gamer and this game looks awesome!!!!

  3. Can't find the info online, but pokemon like Gligar, or Kadabra, or other trade pokemon. Do they evolve by any other means or can you not get them in this game? Just found this game and thought I'd give it a try, great so far.

  4. when i start the game it shows the text without showing professor oak and then when i reach the part where i write my name it says Script 'Interpreter' line 276 RuntimeError occurred

  5. Hey lein would you mind doing me a favor next update maybe add a new mega evolution xD jk but if its possible do a normal type

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