PRO SPORTS ADDON – NFL NBA NHL NEW 2016 KODI ADDON A New Pod God Addon that shows you live games for NFL, NBA & NHL. Please …


  1. I went step by step and Pro Sport is not in the Fusion Repo! It Disappeared right @ the start of the NFL! I too watched the Games the next Day, due to work! Please help us, find Pro Sport!!

  2. husham I tweet you and have asked on the live show.. Ive been searching.. but I can't find a way to fix pro sport.. NFL is Americas #1 sport! I work Sundays & can't see live games via sportsdevil. Dahenchmen replays are only Monday night games.. you have ALL the answers.. is this really stumping you?? HELP!

  3. anyone else find that ProSports has disappeared all together? I accidentally skipped the intro about NFL games and stuff….not sure if that had additional information…

    I also read that ProSports was taken over by someone else and they are currently updating it? anyone have answers?

  4. Will this be working on Android anytime soon?? Live streams on Android do not work. I've tried on two boxes. Works perfectly on Windows though.

  5. Husham…Do you know if this addon will include links to MLB games once the season begins? Addon currently does not include a link for MLB, it being off season might have something to do with that.  I noticed the addon avatar has a MLB trademark included on it avatar.  Just thought I'd check with you in case you knew?

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