While many online games for the PS3 have shut down, there’s still a lot that haven’t. And I wondered who’s still playing them and why. So I dusted off the ol’ PS …


  1. Yoo somebody anybody !? Does anyone still play The Last Of Us Online? PS3 I'm going nuts trying to play anything online had to get rid of my ps4 so i got my ps3 running

  2. Haha I remember ps3 I miss all my friends I had to make a new account for ps4, im really sad I didnt remember all my friends they were like, amazing. The memories were just like yesterday, that one kid that was 14 is the same age as me and I had ps4 for years, damn. My buddy RMS who I played destiny with he was a real dude. I still use my name which is my new created account bonebreaker5204 just one digit of how people remember me bonebreaker520 im not that creative..

  3. I guess the real answer to this question for me is that I go back to Ps3 to remember how much fun I had playing my games back in the day with my crew. Ah, I miss those days.

  4. This is the weirdest comments section ever. Full of kids who don't understand that people have to work for a living and pay bills. haha

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