Like vs dislike fight!!!! HOW TO FIX INSIDE 😀 Dont be silly, I like PS4 =P SOMEONE ELSE THIS HAPPENS? CONSOLE IS NEW Ç_Ç UPDATE: I have another, CENTURIES AGO XD.


  1. This video confirms that xbox works while playstation is left in the dust, struggling to start up. & also funny because the older xbox 360 still runs much better than a newer ps4. lol playstation fails.

  2. So you figure the way to fix a ps4 is to switch to a 360? If it was an xbox1 I would of laughed at least and thought it was a jab at Playstation 😉 now I just think you must be slow or something lol Take it back if it's new and swap it for another one…or at least a newer xbox -_-

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