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  1. For those who don't get it, 2160 IS 4K. To determine resolution, you multiple the horizontal by the vertical pixels. HD is 1920 x 1080, roughly 2 million pixels. 4K is 3940 x 2160, which is about 8 million. That's FOUR times as many pixels.

  2. I think it's hilarious how people want to base their self worth on the system they choose. Maybe you could do something of real merit? Do something, like climb a mountain. At least develop a real talent. I love games, but trying to base my worth on them is pretty silly.

    But since we're arguing systems, let's talk about the so called PC Master Race. You pay at least 3 times as much for your system with a meager increase in graphic quality. Your graphic cards cost more than a PS4 Pro. I don't know how you feel that makes you superior, but okay.

  3. Well All This Ranting is About the Hype Of the Console, But My Problem is The Spiderman Suit in the Game, It's a Horrible Costume, They Should Have Just Used the Costumes from the Amazing Spiderman Movies with Andrew Garfield, Those Costumes Were Awesome Compared to That Shitty Costume, Well I Already Made an Even better Concept for Spiderman's Costume For the Amazing Spiderman 3, and I Have Uploaded a Video About it and More Details on My Amazing Spiderman 3 Project, In One of my Videos for You to See, So Check Them out!

  4. sigh This comment section… Who cares who's better? PlayStation. Xbox. PC. Doesn't matter how you play or what you play it on. Just play and shut the fuck up.

  5. This is absolute bullshit, early adopters(I wasn't even early, i got my ps4 2yrs in) shouldn't be punished for buying their underpowered console, not to mention all the other bullshit, this is my last gen then I'm switching to PC, I'm done with consoles.

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