Played by: MadMatty & boneofhead In 1945, World War II ended. Soon, there was peace, but an organization of high-ranking military …


  1. I used play this on the Arcades with a mate back in the day and spent countless quarters until we memorized it and managed to 1'CC it with one credit. The secret is that one has to use the plane that produces that energy shield that blocks all the enemy bullets, especially at the later stages it comes out very handy against the bosses. Interesting how the Western release came 4 years after the Japanese release on the PSX, when the PS2 was all ready out in 2000!

  2. Gotta love 2Players longplay 😀

    Can you guys do more PlayStation 2 LPs? there's a lot of good games that you haven't covered yet – or that i can't find (Ridge racer, rebel raiders, rayman…)

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