Remote Action! is the fastest and the best quality software to play your PC games on Android devices! Try now and experience the unbeatable performance, …


  1. Guys please anyone help
    i installed action! on my pc and i dont find the ba that has icon A+ How to find jt please tell me? did i jnstall wrong version?

  2. What a terrible message.
    -Playing games in class
    -Playing games while driving(like texting wasn't bad enough)

    I love my games but not enough that it effects my school work or life.

  3. Thank you mirllis for this video, now all kids will just play and learning nothing on school, this is the only script to promote youre feature software? if yes, then you have a problem. And by the way update splash pro ex, almost 2 years without update…4k etc wake up.

  4. What a terrible marketing strategy…
    It's clear that your target market (At least from this ad) is kids since you focus so strongly on school and parents restricting but these kids will also need their parent's help with actually buying this software in the first place.

  5. It's working, but I'm experiencing a shitload of random stuttering and artifacting. Also, no controller support means that you have to play with the UI only.

    I'm sure you guys will improve it a lot in the future. Besides, you made my favorite DVR of all time!

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