A point and click adventure game featuring the Rugrats based on Reptar vs the Aliens.


  1. lol I remember buying this game in a computer convention back in the early 2000's, it was kinda fun to play, even though the hard part was getting through that one maze part.

  2. Haven't seen/played this game in ages. Good Times, good times. Funny thing, while cleaning up, I found the CD. I thought it was gone forever. Bit scratched up, but it should (hopefully) work. Wish I could play it again for old times' sake but Windows 10 says "no".

  3. I used to play this when I was 3, 4, 5 years old. I don't think I had a concept of the linear path video games usually lay out for you. I kind of just enjoyed going around tyne house and clicking on stuff and seeing what happened.

  4. I remember when i was a little guy playing this game. I could never figure out grandpa's quest, but I was able to complete all the rest of them. I think I had maybe three rugrats games on my Windows 98 PC.

  5. I had this when I was a kid on Windows 95. I beat it, almost, but my computer would always freeze on the very last mission where you have to chase the aliens and they throw pies at you and stuff. I couldn't get through it without freezing so I was never able to see the very end of the game.

  6. I played this game when i was 4 or 5 and I was able to finish it. Granted that took me a VERY long time due to my age. Part of me wants to play it again since Its been close to 15 years since then.

  7. I played the hell out of this game when I was a wee lass. It was hard then too, but damn, was getting to the final boss battle a fantastic feeling. It took a lot of work but it was an adventure that really defined my childhood.

  8. You didnt even get to arguably the worst bit where chucky gets lost in the trash'o matic and you have to got around the whole house looking for him and this happens several time over

  9. Please can someone send me instructions or a how to for how to set this game up (not just the game but also how to download the other stuff too). I have Windows 8 and don't know how to get this game working.  Please help!

  10. I'm struggling to try to find a place to download this game from, without paying.
    Used to love this game so much as a kid, and would love to play it again.

  11. I remember this. I never beat it but I almost did. I managed to get beat two of the tasks but reaching raptar was one I couldn't figure out.

    Where did you get this anyway?

  12. Your problem is that your thinking like an adult, not a kid. I remember when i was little, i could solve this game in my sleep. It was always so much fun! I wish i still had it 🙁 darn move. I've looked everywhere on the internet to download it, but no such luck.

  13. Haha well this brings back memories! I loved this game as a child! I was a huge rugrats fan and played a lot of these type of point and click adventure games so this was definitely enjoyable for me! I am super stoked as i just found an old copy of this game hope i can get it to run on my computer!

  14. played it as a kid, and beat it. if i was able to play it again now im pretty sure i would be able to do it fairly easily, i still remember where most of the objects are.

  15. I remember playing this game when I was about 8… it is so difficult. I still cannot figure it out. I would be stuck on it for hours and barely get anywhere!!!!

  16. I had this game when I was 5 years old. I beat it somehow and don't remember it being this hard and fucked up. I also remember the loading screen cursor turns into a silhouette of chuckie running and I would pretend he was running really fast.

  17. I've tried downloading this game and it downloaded perfectly fine but when I go to try and play it, it tells me I can't because its version is not compatible with my version of PC. Do you know how I can fix that?

  18. I managed to beat the "Rugrats Go Wild" PC Game in less than 2 hours, THE DAY I GOT IT! and you are a Natural at this even though you didn't finish it, when i get the game (If it isn't another mix up) i'll know where to get the things i need for the 2 quests! I like you, you are hilarious and do you know how to fix the color and revert it back to it's original color on a PC Game ("The Rugrats Movie Activity Challenge") because the color isn't like it was like on other computers?

  19. i remember beating this as a kid, yes it took about 5 months but i did end up beating it one snow day and after countless Kirkland chocolate chip cookies from Costco… ah nostalgia.. i was about 10 years old and had some assistance from my 7 year old sister… LOL 

  20. I had this game when I was like 7 years old, and I couldn't even figure out how to unhook the fishing rod. Then, I lost the game somewhere in my former house and could never find it back.

    This game messed up with me during childhood.

  21. I just downloaded this last night, & have literally been stuck for an hour on how to stop the scissors from cutting the floss. How did six year old me figure this shit out?

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