In episode two, we charge ahead in Skyrim mod The Forgotten City on Xbox One in Skyrim Remastered. In the above Skyrim Remastered gameplay, we chat up …


  1. Love y'all but it bothers the shit out of me to watch you play without talking to everyone about everything and looting every single person. I think I play Skyrim too obsessively..

  2. just in case anyone doesn't know, the Phenerix Magic Evolved mod makes all magic op, but my favorite is conjurations since you can conjure more powerful creatures like Frost Giants, Karstaag, and the Ebony Warrior.

  3. do hotkeys to the d-pad work on console aswell? (by setting them in the favorites menu)
    its something I'm glad they added as I would've really missed it with the delayed release of skyui

  4. 19:05
    Mike, there's a treasure chest RIGHT THERE and you passed it by! I'm positive there's something in Dwarves' Law about not looting every container you come across. Some subsection or addendum concerning the stagnation of wealth or what have you.

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