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  1. I keep hearing how hard it is to hit Sylvanus moves and other snipe moves on the Xbox…. are you joking me. The combo Breaker patch for Xbox allows you to turn on aim assist… ever since knowing that any of these xbox play of the weeks ( which are already very basic stuff minus maybe a few plays out of the multitudes I have seen ) are just a joke. Tell you what Xbox fanboys bring your game to pc see how far you get with your flashy plays of the weeks… where level 15 casuals pull better Plays. Or if your so hard core on your console Aim assist just watch Inuki top 5 plays of the week and see what is possible with out aim assist.

  2. honestly #5 has little thing to do with hades, it's the Chang'e ult and the Ares ult made everything, and Hades just picked up the easy kills on low hps after that

  3. One more comment, folks are insulting the plays by saying Xbox players suck, well I've watched the earliest Top 5 Players and all love for Inuki, they were incredibly lackluster. Keep that in mind before you comment venom.

  4. Okay I'll be honest, massively disappointed with these videos. But nobody can fault Frost on the choices, he don't get much! Once the spectator mode gets buffed up, and Xbox players become more privy to Smite we might just see better plays. Gotta be patient, also PC folks who hating on Xbox saying they suck, I've seen equally bad players on PC. Rant done.

  5. I was so happy to see that Zeus, but not because I like Zeus. I absolutely hate Zeus. I was just happy to see his 2 as his shield. It's only been like 3 days since he had a kit change, and I'm already annoyed by how op he's become with it. No idea if Xbox has the change on their console yet, but if they don't they are lucky. If they do, I feel their pain. I'm already missing balanced Zeus, which was how he was before his kit change hit a few days ago.

  6. I sent HiRez a video of mine where I was Vulcan, and I shot my Nuke Hitting 3 people, I killed and at the same time my Nuke landed, Thanatos Landed his Ult and killed the other 2! Rather see Combinations like that than lucky hits/kills!

  7. I am gonna be very honest and say today I was depressed but for some weird and creepy reason just watching this and listening to Frost's voice made me feel much better! Thanks Frost

  8. uggh that super slow turn rate just makes everything way less impressive dunno how anyone could play smite like that.

    For example that first fight play of the week was literally "Hades turns slowly toward the enemy team who dont have beads and due to using controllers cant aim well enough to burst him down, he ults after Ares and then turns slowly around and hits 3 a few seconds later!"

    The zeus highlight was "Zeus turns around slowly, uses beads and missed his one then ults and hits his 3."

    Can you hook up a mouse / keyboard to the xbone? Youd be the best smite player on live by the end of the week if you did.

  9. Right when I saw Sylvanus I was like "Wait what? How is he on Xbox?!" Lol guess it was an old video. One of those lucky wth moments lol.

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