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  1. Funny thing is that really awkward lonely guy was some of the best voice acting in the game. Compared to Siri playing Sarah Steiner and Vlad the Impaler as this Youkul Watcher…

    I never got past this point. There's an issue I guess and the PS4 won't load a game saved in this area. I played through the game twice.

  2. Interesting part. I loved this part when you start meddling with this oven-thing before actually knowing what is it. 😀

    FunFacts: Plenty of. Indeed on poster it stays "Hierarchy knows" but the real one was created during Civil War in Russia as russian version of british "Your country needs You" poster; on russian version it was "Did You sign as a volunteer?"
    It's good that they showed some alcoholism around indigenous people, it is really one of their main problems nowadays. Some of the smaller groups are in the edge of extinction because of that.
    The border guard should have accept the bribe, it's not bad that Kate offered it to him. It is showing how Kate changed and became accustomed to eastern way of life proposing a thing that is inappropriate in the western world. In Imperial Russia there was even something like Bribing Codex, unofficial of course, where one of the rules stayed that if you accepted the bribe you are ought to help with the case, if you won't do that – the briber have a moral right to punish you. Although bribing was delegalised, courts was very eager to respect that tradition.
    Also the border guard have uniform from the late 40's and his motorcycle is Dnepr M-72, an early version.

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