What evil hides in the reflection of your soul? Find out by looking into The Black Mirror… Game available here: https://www.gog.com/game/the_black_mirror The Black Mirror Release: 2003…


  1. I love this game, even though I could see the twist at the end a mile away (guess I have watched to many shows and movies ^^;). The atmosphere is just right, and the enviroment and the music are just wonderfull. Also the german dub has an excellent cast of voice actors (for example, the guy voicing Samuel is the same who dubs Johnny Depp in germany (with exception of pirates of the carribean)).
    only things I hate are some of the minigames like the zodiac one and of course how long you have to wait sometimes for certain parts… really don't know why they made it this way.

  2. I watched this to see if the game was any good. I guess you think it is ok, so think I'll jump to GOG via your link and pick it up. It is on sale for around $3.00. Gog's Halloween Sale. Thanks for the review!

  3. By the way, you started this review with the most memorable scene i had from playing Black Mirror… it's a great game! Hey, just now i realized that the last G from AGG is the RubberChikenWithAPulleyOnTheMiddle from Monke island!!

  4. Cool vid,I just started playing this, I think the backtracking is ridiculous, for instance having to use hammer to remove boards, I was unable to pick up hammer, but now that I need it, I have to walk all the way to get it and then all the way back to use it lol, is a bit mad

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