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  1. The engine does support quicksaves thankfully, it's just a bit of a pain to get them working (requires fiddling around in the console/inifiles).

  2. IMO the fist fighting in this game is the best if ever played even to this day I haven't seen more fun or realistic fighting where bruises and cuts happen as you hit and they always react and makes you feel the weight. I got it when it first came out on Xbox and I think it still had counter attacks but I'm not sure. I'd often restart the game over and over again just to fist fight more and don't think I ever bothered going farther than the garbage zombie level it was just too annoying and not fun like the fist fighting so every time I got to the sewer I'd always restart game again.

  3. Sometimes most licensed games usually suck real hard but this Is probably my most favorite movie licensed game along with Goldeneye on the N64. 😍

  4. The remake versions is shit. Play the orginal. I own both.

    I don't know why the orginal has better optimization, but combat is very smooth on the orginal yet it's absolutely garbage in the remakes. Same for shooting. The stealth is a bit a lacking on all versions though.

  5. Favorite stealth kill is where you push this dude down a shaft with a spinning fan near the bottom. Also, the meat grinding stealth kill is pretty damn awesome. It's in the area where you first meet Ron Perlman's character. So many hidden secret ways to dispense of enemies in this game to explore. Stealthily, of course. What else is there to say? Excellent stealth system, best hand to hand FPS combat of all time, RPG elements, badass actors delivering hard boiled dialogue, and a simple premise that's better executed than its film counterpart. Still a top 5 FPS for me.

  6. 30 seconds in, and I can already tell you're playing it wrong. Big fan of yours, so I'll just say always take the stealth option. First off, 30 seconds in, you just left the shower room area. You can stealth kill all the guys in that area with some inventive tricks (turning off lights and such), and steal a staff suit in the lockers to blend in. A few moments and secret passages later (if you explore), you can don a guard suit to blend in with weapons in hand. Man, I love this game.

  7. Why do you always go against the what most people think?. Good games you say are bad, bad games you say are good. Its like you are just trying to be 'edgy' with your reviews.Also you shouldn't review old games against todays standards. The amount of classic games that you say are poor, is annoying beyond belief.

  8. I have literally played every version of this game, lol.

    I thought the stealth and the action was just fine. Sure, it's not perfect but especially the stealth is something that's a far cry from how bad sneaking is in tons of games.

  9. In my opinion, the remastered version that comes with Dark Athena is the worst version of the game. They changed the enemy placement, changed the aesthetic, and broke a lot of the game mechanics. The original Xbox and PC releases are far superior in every way.

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