Ian takes a look at the Xbox One closed beta for The Elder Scrolls online. How does it compare to the PC version, what are the quests like and most importantly; …


  1. Awful review, clueless about the game. Those who can't provide constructive criticism should not provide any. Sub model suited me, how will a game develop with no money? I'd rather pay and get more content than take a ride on developers hard work for free, value can only be seen monetary nowadays.

  2. This is Bullcrap in my opinion, You're looking at it as though you wanted a skyrim mmo, rather than an mmo skyrim. The combat in ESO is vastly better than the shite in WoW or LOTRO or frankly any other MMORPG there's been. I think it's taken the MMO genre and applied Skyrim-like aspects to further improve on it. No disgustingly grindy quests, actual dialogue that is well voice-acted, amongst various other things. Granted there are things wrong with it, but no game is without flaws, Skyrim certainly wasn't… It shouldn't be judged against skyrim, it should be judged against other MMO's, and in that respect it's a winner for me.

  3. It must suck to be this guy, seems like he's unable to enjoy anything.
    Or he could just be an FPS kiddie. Only impressed by flashy explosions and gunfire.
    Pro tip: If you can't enjoy the little things, don't play RPGs. MMO or not

  4. I'm sure you're aware that combat does improve when: mob sizes increase to 3-4, npcs become more powerful, you gain more abilities to choose from, and a second action bar. It also helps A LOT to be creative with your build as well to improve combat. The reality is that this 'impression' video does little to actually show what the combat will be like for most of the game… Hopefully there will be other videos that will follow to give a 'complete' impression of the combat system as well as examples of good and bad quests

  5. what the hell did they do to the interface, it is beyond ghastly. The PC one could have easily been modified for consoles but they gave us this. even with my aging eyesight I dont need things on the screen to be so BIG. So much for their minimalist UI philosophy they had at launch, this goes against all that.

  6. I didn't like the PC version at first but in a year they improved it a lot and it feels like a solid ES game now. For fans of the series who enjoy adventuring and running quests, you'll like it. There's a lot of stuff to do and fun to be had. It's well worth the $60

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