The Game Awards aim to celebrate the best games of 2015, with almost two dozen categories for genre, visuals, sound, and more. Game developers, players …


  1. wait… so a kid who walked on to a multimillion dollar exports team and carried them to a 16 mil dollar victory didn't get exports player of the year?

  2. Troy Baker is HUGE now, I remember when he had small panels, Now most his Panels are large. Hes gone to the top for sure.

    Video Game VA King= Troy Baker
    Anime VA King = Vic Mignogna

  3. Hype ruins games. I just learned to enjoy games for what they are. So im happy we even get a chance to celebrate games and gamers this way.

  4. I know this may sound odd to some but this is the first time I watched VGA and man alot of empty seats in the back. I really don't think the entertainment industry understands what impact games will have in the time to come.
    Trust me the superhero phase will pass..and don't get me wrong it was epic but watch Video games made into decent high level production movies will be next. I mean high production not just the crap I grew up with (super Mario movie) yikes.

  5. why did she say that witcher 3 won best performance when the creator of Her story came up and got the price instead? Everything that was said was about her story but the announcer said witcher 3. I'm confused.

  6. WHY BEST NARRATIVE FOR HER STORY?? IT S*CKS ! Witcher 3 ? Life is Strange ? No ? Who are dumbs who making this choice ??? I think Life is Strange has a exceptional effect and Witcher 3 is just magically fabulous.

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