This video looks at the top 10 PC Games that are to be released in 2015. Agree? Disagree? Comment down below your thoughts! Full List- 10. Dying Light 9.


  1. This list has some perfect examples of why you shouldn't fall for hype before a game is released. Batman, The Division, Evolve, No mans Sky. At least for me looking back, this list just further backs up my belief to never be sure of a game until it is released.

  2. i'm really, really, sorry to say this but I don't think No Man's Sky was a good game….. I played it on my pc, and the controls, the movement of dinosaurs and also your character Were Horrible!!!!

  3. LOL. I enjoyed RE6 much more than I did Dying Light. Dying light was a mindless parkour game with hardly any survival elements properly implemented.

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