With unlikely hero Spyro gliding in to our PS4s this week, we’ve been talking about other protagonists that were completely out of their depth. Got your own?


  1. Whoa there, don't go disparaging Sparx, the reason he changes colour isn't just to tell Spyro how many hit points he has, he takes the hits for Spyro, imagine how much harder the games would be without Sparx's protection (not to mention how annoying it is to pick up gems without him).
    Also, as I'm sure someone else must've mentioned, it's stated directly by one of the dragons Spyro rescues that he fears being turned into crystal again if he tries to aid Spyro, plus it's implied that the dragons you rescue a second time in Gnasty's World probably did go there to try and fight Gnasty themselves but just got crystallised again.
    Also, minor thing, but there's 3 bandicoots in the original Crash games (Crash, Tawna & Coco).

  2. I keep thinking, but I draw only blanks… Does Shion Uzuki from Xenosaga count, though? I mean, she technically kind of also slightly destroyed the known universe, all in a day's job, but a four-eyes scientific willowy womany-something doesn't automatically make me expect much heroism. And then there were mechs. Glorious, glorious mechs…

  3. I think Leon and Claire from Resident Evil 2 can be classified as unlikely heroes. Leon is only 21, first day as a police officer and Claire is a 19 year old college student who's looking for her brother. Against all odds, they survived and even managed to save a little girl's life. Plus Leon and Claire are my favourite video game characters of all time and cant wait for the RE2 Remake to come out 🙂

  4. Nath! Thank you! I literally saw the title of this video and thought of INSIDE. The final scene of this game was one of the most satisfying bits of gaming I've ever played, especially after how helpless he is the entire game

  5. Would Sir Daniel Fortesque be one? Medievil introduced us to Dan as this hero who fought for Gallomere just to then see for ourselves that he died at the first arrow shot in the battlefield 😂

  6. What about Gordon Freeman?? He's just a scientist with likely 0 combat training, only armed with a advanced hazmat suit and has to battle several kinds of aliens and the military in order to survive and prevent the whole thing from escalating.

  7. Best answer I can think of is Fiona from Haunting Ground. She really is from start to finish vulnerable and afraid of most things, and yet is able to beat all manner of things, with little but a few kicks, and her trusty dog.

  8. Max from Life is Strange. She was just a regular girl sitting in photography class, then boom she got the power to manipulate time and had to deal with some traumatic events.

  9. Wait wait wait!! Sparx deserves way more than: A glorified life bar! In the first game they actually explain that, sparx flies in and takes all the hits instead of you. Untill he is no more, and you are on your last line of defense. Give the dude som creds :p love you guys in PSA <3

  10. I've been checking out the Tuesday Checklists recently & you mention one on onsie quite a few times – bring it back as a quick video. I miss Dave v Nathan battles

  11. with Spyro some of the adult dragons do try to help Spyro, but they fail and get trapped in crystal again. I can't remember if it was in the original (pretty sure it was) but Spyro even asks how they ended up trapped again.

  12. I thought someone would pick Peter Parker… I mean random nerdy shy teenager, gets bit, now he has to tangle with petty crooks and mob bosses alike, while dealing with the loss of another parental figure, while keeping what's left of those he loves safe, while going through high school and getting picked on.

  13. Hey Holly/Hollie (I don't know how you spell your name), do/are you still working on any games as a primary/secondary job along with working at Playstation Access?

  14. Since someone already wrote Wander from Shadow Of The Colossus, I gonna say ICO from ICO. Who would have thought a little horned boy can actually…..well it's a spoiler but anyone who played it knows what I'm talking about.

  15. Got an idea for your xmas lets play. As much as i would love to see metal ger stupid make a return, how about 2 of you play abe new and tasty competing to save the most mudokens in the best time?

  16. When I saw the title I hoped Abe from Oddworld would be on this list. Back on ps1 i tried to hard to save all the mudokons and eventually got the good ending. Abe is so unlikely it's amazing. Good pick Dave!

  17. Hollie has the weirdest taste in video games, but I'm kinda inspired by her love and passion for them when she talks about them…

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