This covers the highly engaging Titanic adventure game by Cyberflix. We also discuss the nature of this game as a piece of entertainment inspired by the tragedy of the Titanic. Cameo by…


  1. After subscribing to this channel, everytime I log into youtube I see a bit of my childhood slap me in the face, forcing me spend 11 minutes of my life going.. oh yeah! dude.. omg, I member. Yes!, where can I download this? GOG search

  2. I played the hell out of this game when it came out! I loved it so much that I ended up passing on Starship Titanic a couple of years later when that came out because I thought it looked like a crappy sci-fi knockoff of this one (oops!)

    Good to see a fellow former alternative high school student that liked this game, too! Actually, it's good to see anyone who knows what this game is.

  3. My ex of 15 years ago had this game brand new and played it all the time. Around the same time I was getting into Chrono Cross. I still feel like I had the better game experience.

  4. In Scotland, author Ian Rankin commented that we celebrate our crushing defeats more than our victories. That can kinda be seen in our rather bleak and dour media, especially in historical dramas of the 18th and 19th centuries. It's strange how many audiences (and I include myself in this) seek out that horror and misery in media inspired by these events.

  5. Aaaah dude!! 😀 My sister had this game! I was like 7 when it came out so I never got to play it myself but I've been wondering for a while now what this game had been called… It stayed in the back of my memory. XD

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