PlayStation 4’s 10 highly-rated video games according to critics and gamers. If there’s any game we’ve missed, do say so in the comment.. politely. Thanks.


  1. playstation 4 and xbox one bundle 50+ games 4 controllers kinect and camera +ps3 only 700$
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    Xbox one games
    walking dead season 1
    dragon ball xenoverse and dlc
    dead rising 3 and dlc
    halo spartan assualt
    crimson dragon
    rare replay (30+ games)
    soul calibur
    killer instict plus dlc
    never winter
    max brotherhood
    rayman legends
    gears of war ultimate addition
    need for speed rivals and dlc
    need for speed (2015)
    plants vs zombies garden warfare
    titan fall
    sunset overdrive
    fighter within
    dragon age inquisition
    call of duty ghost
    forza 5
    naruto ninja storm 4
    halo 5
    (Sony ps3 ,2 controllers, resistance, resistance 2, resistance 3, uncharted 1. uncharted 2)
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    ps4 games
    Never Alone
    Hyper Void
    Life is strange
    Akibas trip undead and undressed
    assassin creed 4 black flag and freedom cry
    black light retribution
    dc online
    need for speed rivals
    Dragon ball Xenoverse
    Child of Light
    Dead or alive 5 core and 9 dlc
    Dynasty warriors 8 empires
    Shadow of mordor
    Battlefield 4
    Samurai warriors 4
    murdered soul suspect
    tomb raider defintive
    metal gear solid ground zero
    metro redux
    final fantasy 14 and dlc
    wolfenstein a new order
    injustice gods among us
    killzone shadow fall
    natural doctrine
    mlb the show
    bound in flames
    infamous second son

  2. My list:
    10:tomb raider
    9:infamous:first light
    8:infamous:second son
    7:tales from border lands
    6:minecraft playstation ps3 pocket edition
    5:Minecraft:story mode
    4:uncharted 1:drakes fortune
    3:uncharted 2:among thieves
    2:uncharted 3:drakes collection
    1:uncharted 4:a theif's end
    Wow uncharted 4 best ending ever

  3. Here is list from games i have played
    10. Fifa (football fan)
    9. Shadow of Mordor
    8. The walking dead season 1 & 2
    7. Tales from the borderlands
    6. Dragon age inquistion
    5. The witcher 3
    4. Batman arkhan knight
    3. Gta 5
    2. Uncharted 4
    1. The last of us remastered

  4. My list
    10: GTA V
    9: Assassins Creed 4
    8:Borderlands (all)
    7:Fallout 4
    5:One Piece (the game)
    4:Naruto Shadow Storm 4
    3:Cod Ghosts (please don't hate)
    2: Cod Bo III
    1 Warframe
    Reply if you love warframe

  5. Here's my list:
    10. Batman: Arkham Knight
    9. Shadow of Mordor
    8. GTA V
    7. Dragon Age: Inquisition
    6. Dark Souls 3
    5. Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain
    4. Bloodborne
    3. The Last of Us Remastered
    2. Uncharted 4: A Thiefs End
    1. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

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