This is a PSP best RPGs top 10 that I made, based on my personal likings. Since it is exclusive for PSP, meaning I only chose games that are exclusive for the …


  1. I've thought of giving Ragnarok Tactics a try since it's like 8 bucks on PSN now. I think the Generation of Chaos and Spectral Souls games are cheap as well which I've considering trying even though their reception is bad.

  2. Cool list. I would have put Growlancer or Legend of Heroes as my #1 if I actually made a list but I'm too lazy lol. I will have to check out Spectral Souls. What song was playing when you showed it?

  3. I was looking for some RPGs to play, and this video game me an idea of what to look for. Didn't know Ys was in PSP!

    I just have a question:
    Usually NIS games are (for me) long and boring, I mean hours of lvgrinding constantly, poor story, and so, like Disgaea. I am currently playing ZHP Unlosing Ranger vs Darkdeath Evilman, and I hate myself because now I want to clear it, but I don't like spending tons of hours training and training and training…Is Spectral Souls like that???

  4. I'm not a fan of a majority of the exclusive psp rpgs, but if you're going to build a list of mediocre psp rpgs you should at least replace a few of those on the list with Crimson Gem Saga, Brave Story, Fate/Extra, Legend of Heroes I-III …

    Jeanne D'Arc, YS Seven, Trails in the Sky, Growlanser are the only good games on this list! You also missed a few GOOD rpgs that were exclusive to the psp. Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep, Crisis Core (borderline good), Brandish: The Dark Revenant, Persona 2: Innocent Sin (never released in the US), Monster Hunter Freedom Unite, Star Ocean: First Departure (original snes never released in the US), Wild Arms XF, Gungnir!!!!

  5. Ys 7 is the best RPG ive played in the PSP so far, then again I dont really like majority the RPGs that PSP have so yea idk. I dont like chibi stuff ,I rather more mature character type of game. I gonna try Jeanne D'arc, seems the characters arent stupidly infant and the game seems hard enough for what ive seems on forums and etc. Hope dont get disappointed again

  6. Growlanser IV is one hard game, what with all those nasty mission. It also features all those badass responses you can choose (the one about surgery with Leona always makes me laugh).
    And the best: insane replay value.

  7. Nice vid man. All those JRpgs I never heard of. Just to be sure are all those JRpgs in official English release or fanmade translations?

  8. Valkyrie Profile Lenneth should be number 1, Lunar number 2, ff tactics, with star ocean 2 then 1. my top 5. Breath of Fire 3 up there too.

  9. Spectral is my all time favorite game of playstation, I like blazing souls fine, but i just loved Spectral Souls a lot more. Sadly for me, my psp disc broke, it just doesnt work anymore. And of course, our one favorite game just CANT be found in vita store.

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