Best RPGs of 2015 – Gameranx’s list of most anticipated Role playing games we’ll playing this year on the PC, PS3, Xbox 360, Wii U, PS4 & Xbox One.


  1. Bullshit, graphics do matter to a certain extent. What is the point of having the best "rig" simply to play pixelated 2D retro games or simple 2D games? I hate hearing stupid shit like that from retro enthusiasts. I get the nostalgia. If it's that strong get an emulator, but don't bullshit yourself in thinking graphics do not matter. Especially, when one of the biggest debates is how much better PC graphics are than other systems.

  2. HI there I'm looking for some help from you guys
    I want to buy a gaming system but I don't know which one to choose between ;Xbox ,ps4 or wii
    I love game like final combats, role playing and just dance. Base on these information can someone tell me which gaming system would be the best for me

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