In this video, we take a look at the Top 10 BEST Xbox 360 Games of All Time. Which of these titles were your favorites? Are there any games we missed?


  1. No this are THE best game's skyrim THE elder scrolls v and GTA 5 and halo2 and Forza horizon and need for speed rivals and oblivion and call of duty black ops 2 and mortal combad and minecraft and destiny and Forza motorsport 4 and GTA IV and mafia 3 this it xD

  2. I know it's not exclusive to Xbox but Dark Souls is my personal favorite game and series. Dark Souls took me just over 100 hours to beat my first time. Dark Souls 2 took about 60 hours, and Dark Souls 3 took me about 30 hours. a lot of that time was spent putting on different armour to look as scary as possible and also finding every possible item.

  3. Aww guys having games like Comdemned: Criminal Origins, Mass Effect 1, Lost Planet etc and u put the shit of Dead Rising and Crackdown…well at least u remember Lost Odyssey <3

  4. I'm sorry but this list makes no sense. It should be Gears of War, Fable, Dark Souls, CoD 4, Borderlands, Skyrim, Battlefield, Forza Horizon, Fifa, Madden, NFS Undercover. Those were the most played and most popular…

  5. Come on….shadow complex? No bioshock, no mass effect, no dead space, no red dead redemption! Even if you want to go indie or arcade are much better games…like brothers, a tale of two sons.

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