In this video, we take a look at the Top 10 Best Upcoming Free to Play Games in 2018. Which of these have you played? Comment your thoughts on the 10 BIG …


  1. Only PVP in Fortnite is FREE (PUBG clone) , the standaard zombie & campagne cost you still money 🙁 🙁 with all lootboxes in Fortnite not worth it to buy or play in my opinion.

  2. Wtf tera died long time ago and gonna come back again?? People just dont play it, and gameforge is shit because they dont take care with their games so gg

  3. This is hilarious. Save the world has been out since July. I pre-ordered it and played the shit out of it with my friends. Then the only reason people have heard of fortnite afterward was because of battle royale. You can’t just say that battle royale is the base game and shove save the world off to the side.

  4. These games made from companies in Asia have a unique design style that is just pleasing to the eye. Sure, other games have styles that are pleasing to the eye but Asian ones have a "anime" like feel that is pleasing……. And yes I'm a huge fan of anime…. 😅

  5. Fortnit came out with a paid alpha a while ago br mode was added months after and both require tons on money to advance in the game plus the devs are lazy as shit and have not fixed half the bugs and it's basically a tower defence game and gets old since there is not much to the game it's self and is prolly a year or more out from being finished

  6. I just, have to correct him on fortnite… the battle royale was a later free update… save the world was always planned to be free to play, but it's currently only available if you purchase a pack giving access to the game…it's still one of the best funnest games out right now, even though it's still in beta

  7. Fortnite: Save the World is the base game for Fortnite not Battle Royale. Battle Royale is for the free loaders that don't care about supporting game developers in building the actual game up. Do some research before you start spewing misinformation.

  8. Yeah srsly footnote save the world is the actual game boi but I guess allot of people wouldn’t think that because it wasn’t such a big hit as the battle arena free to play add on PS Next time you make a video do your research

  9. If there's anything I've learned about South Korean games.. Gameplay and combat is usually fun, artistically they all look the same with the women having hentai armor and a story that is so inconsistent, it makes Bollywood movies seem like master pieces.

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