What are the best of the best EXTREME sports games out there? We have the definitive answer! Follow the makers! Writer/Chooser-of-Order: Shaun Bolen …


  1. Really no 2xtreme Jet Moto 2 excite truck demolition derby? Even the original excite bike come on man half of y'all list is junk compared to the pioneers of xtreme

  2. Atv off road fury 3, skate 2, thps 3, thug, mx vs atv unleashed, ssx tricky, DH domination in no particular order are my favorite.. But we need some new actual good extreme sport games!!

  3. I do so wish Blitzball were a real thing. I doubt it could be considered an extreme sport, though. Most of the extreme sports I know of aren't really team sports like Blitzball, which is basically underwater rugby/soccer.

  4. I love the SSX reboot. From awesome things like the reboot, time trials against THE ENTIRE WORLD, custom soundtracks, going down an entire mountain just to chill and nail some tricks… I also spent a TON of time with the demo of Coolboarders 3.

  5. At first I thought this was going to be a jumble of both real extreme sports and fictional, which was why I was hoping PS2's IGPX would be on here

  6. I have to disagree on Tony Hawk pro skater 2 I think actually Tony Hawk pro skater 3 is the best the bunch mostly because of the factor it introduced the river which was the true emphasis of combo Linking

  7. Great list, makes me want to pick up Dirt 3 as I missed out on that.
    Would like to honourably mention Motorstorm Pacific Rift for some more extreme racing!

  8. Personally MY fav. extreme sports game was (if u count racing) Excite Truck. yeah yeah yeah its like 10 years old but its a of road racing game with over 25 cars (trucks) about 10 colors upgraded trucks u get by playing the truck 4 trophies with 4 races in them and "3 different story modes" so I THINK that that game is the best game I'VE played on Wii or Wii U. (+ multi player up to 4 players at a time racing and u versus 7 other computer players in single play with GREAT mus.) so yeah i like that game.

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