Not every game is remembered for generations to come – some fall into the depths of obscurity. Join as we countdown our picks for …


  1. Mighty good selection there, WM. I am reminded of a few Nintendo games that were truly cutting edge for their time. Would've been nice to see them graduate to bigger and better games today.

    Star Tropic – Crystalis – Golgo 13 – Hydlide – Rolling Thunder – Swords & Serpents

    Just to name a few.

  2. How is broken sword forgotten? They have just had a new instalment and granted it did take a while. Even in this video you used original and remastered…. I agree with the rest of the list but broken sword has def not been forgotten. 

  3. Hey WatchMojo, I noticed that at 3:33, 4:14 & 4:26, Footage From This Video Was Also Seen In Your "Top 10 Ways To Make A Great Web Video" Video, Which Strangely Enough That Video Was Published On October 5, 2015, While This One That I'm Watching Right Now Was Published On October 23, 2015, I Wonder How You Guys Managed To Show Footage Of You Making That Particular Video Before It Was Even Published?


    You are wrong about Skullmonkeys! I know straight from the mouth of Doug, Ed, and Mike (the 3 main guys responsible for the Neverhood) said they wanted to go back and do another platformer like Earthworm Jim. The Neverhood (despite some internet false claims) was a success. Spielberg and Dreamworks, however, wanted another Neverhood adventure game. They compromised and used the Neverhood characters and setting and claymation in the 2-D platformer they were already designing.

  5. What a great games ! Snatchers looks so cool! Does anbody know if there are emulators awith some of those games? And little Big Adventure was also cool 🙂 Funny world and unique design.

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