Top 10 Free Action RPG Diablo Like Games 2014 10: MU Classic 9: Royal Quest …


  1. Couldn't there be any better footage for the ROTMG part? :/
    I mean, yes you start off like that, but come on it looks so much more fun when you have some items..!

  2. Updated – KingsRoad: Pvp is now released, you can have 4 players at a time, there are events every week, the game is F2P and not trying to get into your credit card

  3. People complaining about not being able to customize your AVARAR (not CHARACTER get your facts straight) why bother when your avatar will be covered by 7000 layers of armor in a few hours in?

  4. Just buy Diablo.. and the DLC as well for 70 $ or less just as i did ,than paying fucking 1000 $ or more for draken to actually acomplish something in that game,in my opinion it the the moust pay to win game i ever seen,and yes the game is quite good but the developers made this game to take every single coin from your wallet.

  5. The truth is there's nothing like Diablo 2. Path of Exile is closest, but nothing really lives up to that Diablo 2 atmosphere and leveling system. You can still download Diablo 2 and LoD digital download on Blizzard's website, and that's revived the community somewhat.

    Source: Years of research and false hopes.

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