Sony certainly knew how to challenge gamers, if the line-up for the original PS1 is any indication. Join as we countdown our picks for …


  1. Have you never played through Vagrant Story? Vagrant Story is not just the hardest PS1 game, but possibly the hardest game ever created.

    Also, I'd like to see the n64 recreate the visual effect at 3:02

  2. Yes!! Syphon Filter finally gets mention! Good to know this game doesn't seem non-existent to everyone. Easily one of the most underrated games of all time…

  3. where the hell is Blasto? critics and people everywhere bashed the game for being excruciatingly difficult.

    also why didn't you guys pick the first crash as the crash game, that one was a no brainer on being the hardest in the whole series smh

  4. Was obsessed with Tenchu when it came out.
    Grand mastered almost every stage in the game, played it until the disc stopped working.
    That's one series I'd love to get a reboot.

  5. well crash bandicoot 3 is the easiest of all crash bandicoot games in ps1 but it is difficult only if you try to get all platinum relics. crash 1 is the hardest one , GTA is harder than it looks. metal gear solid indeed is difficult in normal mode but in higher difficulty it is hard to death. Resident Evil 1 and 3 are damn difficult in hard mode including nicholai in the mercenaries mini game. and also resident evil 2 extreme battle mode level 3 with any character is way harder than tofu scenario. mk mythologies sub zero in over normal mode is really a challenge

  6. Driver 2 should have been on this list, that game is hard as hell and crash 3 and mgs1 are not hard at all. crash 1 is alot harder than crash 3

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