Top 10 INSANE Upcoming Post-Apocalyptic Games Trailers: Death Stranding, Doom Eternal, The Last of Us 2, Days Gone, Metro Exodus, Dying Light 2, …


  1. too many ps4 exclusives…pitty..really pitty….
    34:30 if she would ve taken that massive hammer on the head…she would…how to put it lightly….be very very very dead with a head like a squashed watermelon….but still i had an adrenaline rush just by watching it…i cant imagine how it would feel like playing it

  2. At 5:46 the dude should have just shot her since they seemed to have obviously wanted to kill her and not take her since he shot at her just a few seconds later. I always hated that in movies an tv shows. Just shoot the person you are going to shoot.

  3. Hopefully rage2 to is not as glitchee as the first one. Got close to the end and the game glitch out and so never could bet it. The new doom I would want to play just because of old memories of hell on earth lol

  4. So you took down the authority in Rage 1, and now you have to do it again in Rage 2, because redaction, and because…they couldn't come up with a new fucking antagonist? FFS people!

  5. Walking dead game is misleading trash. all their trailers are fake movie clips that look nothing like the actual bland FPS type game. Fuck that game and all its fans, supporting garbage. Game should have been 3rd person perspective with maybe a FPS option the way Skyrim did it. FPS crap is getting old af and stories in games are turning into shit just to make games for the majority of the dead brain community who love those types of games.

    P.S. A big Fuck You to COD and the joke you turned the gaming community into all because of greed.

  6. Not impressed by any. Feels like top 10 list is dedicated to one single game, not 10, so similar they are. Nothing new, nothing original, and people are waiting for it, i don't understand.

  7. Can't wait for the Last of Us 2, but from what I am seeing of Death Stranding, It has a lot of potential. It has great visuals and actors, but I am still unclear on what type of gameplay there will be and what the main plot is aside from weird invisible creatures and avoiding them, plus get from point A to point B.

  8. The Last Of Us 2 looks REALLY realistic! A 15-16 year old Ellie taking down dozens of 200+ pound guys.

    Yeah okay. How do so many women get raped?? Obviously size doesn't matter. They could just kick the shit out of any man.

    The immersion in the first game was top notch. Not this time apparently. Seems like we're gonna have to really stretch our imagination to swallow this b.s.

  9. I'm wondering if the baby ! And why want it up. Lol lol weird ewwwe Eating a bug like its yummy. The 2nd 1 blonde looks like The Bionic Woman. It usher. Lol. They made her look younger. Cool. Wow if you can see it you can drive it. Love that. Open world almost. Well you have to get close or touch to shatter. Stupid. Hope he gets more greater power along the way. He should be able to get a bunch at once with shatter. They fell short on that 1.

  10. Glad I have a PS4 all of the amazing exclusives. I can't wait to play Death Stranding! I've been waiting to see more of it since I saw the first teaser. Now I'm definitely hyped for it. From this list I'm waiting for DS, The Last of Us 2, Days Gone, Metro Exodus and maybe Fallout…Definitely going to be a hell of a ride.

  11. days gone, last of us is cartoon. you control a cartoon character from behind. A cartoon is the hero. Doom, metro, dying light 2, rage 2, you are the character. You are the hero. dunno bout the rest.

  12. Hot d*mn, is that combat in The Last of Us 2 real game play? It looks cinematic. That AI looks into your soul as you chop it's head off.

    It's a pity that Elle is lesbian though. Only person on earth with the genes to resist the spores, and she'll never have children.

  13. The Last of Us seems really good — it also seems to have some unique fighting gameplay. It was awesome how she takes that guy's weapon and then hits him with it, and the environmental weapon like the bottle that she grabs and throws at the other guy. Also, being able to run under the vehicle and shoot while under there is amazing, and then the other enemy reaches under there and jerks her out. That is amazing!

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