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  1. When having a L4D LAN party make sure to download custom maps from the workshop! They are so much fun! (Unless you are playing it on console)

  2. I would add my personal choice, of Arma Cold War Assault. The CTI mode is so fun to play with friends. To fight together with friends on the massive open world warfare is unmatchable by other games

  3. I think that Quake deserves a place in the top 5 as much as URT does.

    My list would be :

    1.CS1.6 (still play it till now).

    2.Quake 3 (for old times' sake, as it was the first game I played with Lan at home).

    3.RA2 (It can be the most time consuming game you would ever play as in my case I would built Super-extra-Gigantic-massive Army for an enemy with 4 buildings "3 of which are sentry guns" 😂😂😂 and make the army move like in a military parade).

    4.Generalz ZH (Always the first one to be Nuked, now we play it w/ no SuperWeapons).

    5.URT2004 (Didn't play since 4 years).

    4.Half Life (Killbox map LOL).

    6.COD4 (Mastered it for a year then I left it(

    7.AOE 2 (Lovely music, the 200 limit always drive me the 🍌)

    8.Team Fortress 2.

    9.Wanted (a mode for HL1)

    10. I dunno.

  4. mhhh… First Doom & Descent games should be in there somewhere I think… No internet required, co-op or death match… Those where both pretty big impacts on Multi-player games just like counter strike and Age Of Empires II.

  5. No Quake 3? C and C Generals is way better than Red Alert 2, and neither belong on this list. Age of Empires 2 is better than both of them by far. CS : Source is a far superior game than CS.

  6. I've run PC and LAN parties for about 16 years, so trust me when I tell you that World at War deserves no place on this list. It is a terrible game all around and is an embarrassment to the COD series. COD4 should have taken its spot. Diablo 2 also makes a terrible LAN game, because you never end up finishing anything, and the next time you play, everyone is too far away in level.

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