We take a look at the 10 best medieval games of 2015 for the PC, Xbox One, PS4, 360 and PS3, as well as the Android and iOS. Which one are you looking …


  1. please help im looking for a medieval/fantasy game i saw a vid on it years ago and now cant remeber the name it looked like skyrim and was shooting zappy thingys outta his hands at skeletons please help

  2. HELP! Im looking for a game, I watched a video ages ago, And it was at a beggining of the story mode and It said something like , You have inherited an army and you must assasinate the next king and we will take their army, its really hard to explain and its bothering me now because i cant find it, It was Medieval time, and you conquer the lands as you go on, i know it probably sounds like a lot of them but i remember watching the video and the tutorial guy sounding interesting telling you how to start off, thanks in advance

  3. I played Game of Thrones, and it's impressive graphics, storyline, interactive novel. You spend hours making tough choices. I will say I was disappointed that most choices seemed not to change the outcome, especially with the sister in Kings Landing. Heard there will be a sequel.

  4. Fucking shit fuck. All of these Top 10 videos include games that are not fucking completed and out yet.

    Can anybody suggest a good medieval game with a story and rpg elements that is not that well known? Preferrably with non-anime-haired fuckboys.

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