Welcome to the skilled channel and today we’re talking about games that rival hollywood movies. These cinematic games feature over the top action, top notch …


  1. I remember seeing some weird tomb raider that was virtually like an rpg but this one is pretty good. All in a shell, the games are cool, though those VR stuffs are pretty shitty esp that horror one. Gears 4 and Uncharted are my favorites though I suspect Santa Monica Studios has a trick up their sleeves and they are saving it for last as usual ;)

  2. for Uncharted 4 its not 7 Years anymore its 3 or 4 now. while the description on the video(s) hasn't changed, on the official site the time span is shorter. also rice not sand bags and March 18th not 8th (sadly). that's the Division's release date though, 10 days before Uncharted 4

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