This video is about My Top 10 Most Anticipated Playstation 4 Games of 2015 What are your most anticipated playstation 4 games of 2015?


  1. Final Fantasy 15 – I remember when I was in France in 2010 and it was the most anticipated JRPG there. I've followed the game's development since 2009, and I'm super-excited about it.

  2. It's laughable to see how different Rainbow 6 Siege is compared to that trailer. They said it was from MP footage, but the hostage rescue mission doesn't work ANYTHING like that. Let alone the hostage talking to the drone. lmmfao. nah. That shit was sooo fake its a joke

  3. Those new Tom Clancy games made me feel a little dead inside. Fuckin' Ubisoft. Not everything is supposed to be a Naughty dog, Battlefield, Gears of war ripoff.

  4. everyone shut the fuck up, Fallout 4 wasn't announced at this point in time! Seriously, it didn't get known of until Feb 2015! The worst part is most of the games here either sucked or were delayed.

  5. So far the starwars bfront beta is pretty shit and there's like 4 total maps available(rest are just parts of those maps cut off lol),barely any space battles and a load of other things. The batman game was just buggy as hell and barely playable on the pc(despite the developers knowing these issues existed for months)

    . Witcher 3 was a pretty awesome game and could potentially be GOTY.

  6. And I wasn't anticipating any of those games. Except Battlefront. Still not. Though the voice acting in Final Fantasy reminds me so much of Toukiden Kiwami (which is a good thing)! Is that the same guy that voices Yamamoto? Also gave him a similar physical resemblance. Also Konami, so that might be it. Metal Gear sure looks like one of the more quirky fps games with that box mechanic.

    I'm looking forward to the newest installment of Gran Turismo. Even if I was into these games, half of them I could play on PC, or a similar game. PC doesn't do racing games very well until you get an expensive steering wheel, which is why I prefer consoles for that genre. Also looking for War Thunder to fix some of their bugs. PS4 gameplay should be great, hoping to do sim battles with PS4, but last I checked there is still a bug with configuring the controls, and unless you combo the buttons you just don't have enough methods of input to begin to be competitive with PC gamers. Though I think you can connect a PS4 keyboard, which is nice. Will probably do that. Wonder if you can use both keyboard and controller, because for the major controls I would prefer joystick, but for all those little things like flaps, checking objectives, and chat I prefer keyboard.

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