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  1. although Fallout 4 was a good game, I just don't think that it's as good as other games. Fallout 4 was my first Fallout game and i bought it cuz' people says that it's so good and everything about it is so good and that it'll be better that Skyrim (no open-world/action/RPG game will ever come close to Skyrim) but it's just one of those games where i come home and play it becuz' i ain't got anything else to do, it's not a game that i would play because of playing the game, it's just something on my PS4 harddrive where I'm like "well, if I ain't got anything else to do, then why the heck not?" and then when i play it, a lot of the times i would just be like "meh…" I'm just hoping that the Far Harbour DLC fixes that, that's the only thing I'm waiting for and the only reason I'm gonna play it

  2. "although the pc version [of arkham knight] didn't turn out quite as well as we wanted it to…"
    understatement of the year. you should really make it a little more clear that this is by no means a good or even average game on pc. it's barely even playable.

  3. Wow. The diference is brutal. I mean fallout 4 top 1 of the action games. Im not a huge fan of fallout i was going to start playing the series in this one but after bethesda decided to lie to all his real fans. Just i couldn't take his game seriously

  4. arkham knight had the worst storry, shit goons, no cool bad guys from the comics and you will never use the combat in this game because of the batmoble

    star wars is going to be as shit as battle field because of the server connection and all the cool stuff like ships are fucking power up

    mad max is just shit because I got so bored of the game as the world was so empty which is way this game should of happend as all you do is fucking drive a land of nothing

    its good you didnt say call of duty black ops 3 as its SO fucking bad

    rest of the games on the list were amazing as they gave us good world and interesting story and characters

  5. Are you fucking kidding me? How the fuck is Just Cause 3 only number 6 on the list? And how the fuck is fallout 4 above it? In fallout you just roam around JC3 is non-stop action!!!

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