Action games range from hard hitting punches to vehicular explosions. Some may think the genre is too surface but we got some amazing experiences on the …


  1. GZ great !!
    my friend so I came here to congratulate you for the dedication of his youtube channel and not be any channel , because I say this ? because I am Brazilian and I see many of the videos here on games are pretty weak , I managed to find good games that made me very happy , CONGRATULATIONS! #like #BR

  2. +GamerZakh How are you ? It's been a awhile. I heard that you got married ? Well congratulation then, now it's gonna be even harder making new videos while wife is gonna breath on your neck, lol jk 🙂
    I miss Skyrim videos tho :)

  3. Thanks GamerZakh,  many of these titles i am looking forward to, as usual, i played just cause 2, i hope next one lives up to expectations. and the divison having high hopes for… but really got me interesting is Dreadnought, i have seen my fair share of space dogfights in these tiny flies buzzing past gigantic capital ships.seriously we did that for …well its as old as space games genre really.. its been 30 years. No game allowed us to play as the big guys though.. One major reason why i think elite and starcitizen are overrated a bit. Since freelancer – Discovery mod multiplayer, i had 0 exprience playing as capital ships (if i exclude, battlestations pacific, which also did its job right) Really looking forward to it.

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