Adventure games are all about immersive universes and engaging characters, and this year there are some intriguing developments with some old favourites …


  1. I don't really understand this… This is 2015 and theses are pc games but most of them look like they were developed in 2006.. idk, just a little weird. Although i personally wouldn't buy games like theses.

  2. Zakh you missed Blackenrock, the sequel to The Lost Crown by Jonathan Boakes. Pure point and click adventure in the mysterious greyscale town of Saxton, existing somewhere, or manywhere, in time. Boakes does excellent ghost stuff, and this story is off and running. Coming soon (although no one knows exactly when, but it'll be sometime in 2015 for sure). Not as horrific as Boake's Lost Souls, but a more epic story with some great characters.

  3. I loved the original Syberia, played the hell out of both releases, thank you Zakh, I wouldnt have heard about it otherwise 😀

    Maybe try sending a message to Youtube to highlight your videos ? 😛 Who knows, you might just end up with a ton of subscribers in a short time !
     I really don't care if you're funny or not, thers plenty of content like that out there, but id love to see some quality gameplay like you put out 🙂

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