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  1. No men of war? 3 of the game game, 2 others of the same game?Half of them were not even strategy games! HELL there was not even age of empires on this. This list sucks dick.

  2. Can someone tell me definition of a strategy game? I mean what the fuck is Orc Must Die doing there… If you place traps its already a strategy game? What the actual fuck?

  3. I am a little bit sad to not see any of the stronghold games or empire earth in this list, but at least you included civ…
    Also Orcs must die is not a pure strategy game!

  4. Where is Cossacks European wars-Back to War-American Conquest.Wich just with the stunning hand made unit resemble into one word the sofisticated game play of an actual strategy game..putting in ur top ten 2 games two times doesn't cover ur lack of knowledge in the strategy game world.I wont but I have to mention…… The Sims ( because is a sort of strategy game) strategy by it self doesn't only counts.medieval wars ..2004 uhm doesn't it count Command & conquer ? ( nah is just one of the best strategy games ever made in the early 2000 but nvm is just an old game)Age of Mythology …well u miss it from who? Critics from who? What's the source ????? A 15 yr old community that barely played 2% of best strategy games ever made??….nvm…nfuckingmind…

  5. Click "Show More" and read below "ORDER these Games NOW!, that is the list & clearly this guy doesn't know what strategy is.

    Orcs Must Die is crappier than Dungeon Land.
    FTL is more about challenge that you can't plan for (Strategy is about preparing for something that you can see coming, FTL is ALWAYS random – some games you're lucky, sometimes you have worse luck than a Storm Trooper who is able to miss at 30 feet away).

    And Company of Heroes? I TRIED to like that game, but it seriously SUCKS. When I played the forced human campaign in Universe at War Earth Assault, I was reminded of Company of Heroes.

    Clearly you're a Total War fan, mentioning it in your video will make anyone watching "Oh really? How could we NOT notice?"
    Pick ONE of the Total War games FFS, listing them one after the other just screams "FAN BOY".

    Games better than the above crap I mentioned (except Total War, too many like the game series):
    2005 to 2014 is 9 yrs btw

    – Command & Conquer series- pretty much all of them, except Tiberium Twilight & Generals, those were shit. Even the original Red Alert was better & more exciting than Company of LOSERS.
    – Age of Empires series – Even games that weren't well liked by fans are better than the ones on this list.
    – Heroes of Might & Magic
    – Empire Earth
    – Dwarf Fortress
    – Supreme Commander
    – Hearts of Iron 3
    – Factorio
    – The Banner Saga
    (all released between 2005 & 2014)

  6. This list is a joke. Stronghold, AoE, C&C, Starcraft, Warcraft, World in Conflict, RoN, Homeworld, Supreme Commander, Warhammer, LotR and so on.

  7. This list is without the Starcraft or Starcraft 2. Or Heroes of Might and Magic 3, Command and Conquer or Age of Empires? Oh, and there is Orcs Must Die 1 and 2? Seriously? Are you sure you should put lists like this?

  8. I'm gonna take a bet that RTW (original) had a low PlayScore since it didn't get on this list… To bad it's surely my favourite of the total war games and strategy games. :/

  9. I thought this was retarded then Orcs must die 2 came up haha. Then empire earth or age of empires (3 or another) didn't come up.

  10. No Starcraft II?
    No Supreme Commander Forged Alliance?
    No Command Conquer Generals II -Zero Hour?
    No Rome Total War?
    No Age of Empire II The Conquest?
    No Lord of the Rings – Battle for middle earth II Witch King?
    No Myth II – The Soublighter?
    No Star War – Empire at War?
    Orcs no die??? No Strategy game.. kkkkkkk Bad…

  11. The video editing is on par if nothing else. You go out of your way to
    explain your method, but it is as mindless as the meta-critic you are
    copying. I guess it is not fair to have expected a list from someone who
    has played the games.

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