My top 10 ps1 rpgs of all time! What are your favorites? Let me know by commenting down below! Final Fantasy VII Lets Play …


  1. Liked the video however i was never a fan of FF8 chrono cross or Xenogears.

    FF8's leveling was stupid if you leveled you made fights harder and by the end it is easier to beat the game at level 1 then level 99=stupid if you ask me.
    Chrono cross had a crappy leveling system too what to grind for a few levels sure thing just beat the next boss what is that you want to grind so you can kick the next bosses ass….To fucking bad….
    Xenogears from what i played it was fun till i got the robots there was 2 things that bugged me about them
    1.Your levels did not count you could be level 99 and your robot would be as strong as you made it by buying stuff.
    2.It made the humans feel weak and it felt like the robots did all the big battles so my guess is the last boss would not be battled as a human but more as a robot.

  2. hahah wow I played like 8/10 games on here! Star Ocean second story I absolutely fell in love with the music! I used to leave it on in the background. Those were the best times of my life =X

  3. Man awesome review, I don't think I ever got a chance to play Xenogears on PS1, i'll have to check it out. A word of advise though from watching other youtube gaming reviews, i'd ease off on so much cussing, this one video had 12 "Fucks/Fuckings". Doesn't really bother me so much but some people can tend to view it as a negative, either way though keep the video's coming sir.

  4. I've played some of them like Star Ocean 2 (on psp though), FF8 and 7. I played Chrono Trigger but I didn't play Chrono Cross :S I always wanted to play Legend of Dragoon, but couldn't find it T-T

    And about Xenogears… I'm not into mechas, so :S

  5. awesome list. So hard to pick just 10 games from the ps1. I think its the best console for jrpgs. Suikoden 2, grandia and FF9 would be in my top 10. I gave up on ff8 in disc 3, I might have to give it another chance one of these years.

  6. I'm embarrassed not to have played or finished a lot of these games. I've recently started playing Final Fantasy Tactics and I'm quite impressed. I think I may begin a marathon of PS1 RPGs.

    LotD for me was far too long. I remember getting probably half way through Disc 3 and giving up. I'd forgotten what the story was about because the gameplay, grinding and random encounters numbed me of any focus towards the plot.

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