This is my list of the Top 10 PlayStation Vita Games of All Time. What is your list of the Top 10 PlayStation Vita Games of All Time? Comment below with your list …


  1. Final fantasy type 0 just sayin' . When Sony refused to port this psp title to the Vita it was the first warning sign of them abandoning the platform.

  2. soul sacrifices story was unbelievable the game play did get repetitive but Noone can deny the story is the best that's ever been released on any portable console EVER

  3. Like i have been watching videos and was thinking that shud i just buy PS VITA OR NOT after watching this video i will buy it tomorrow becuz other videos were just show pixel arcade games i will not pay 700AED for ARCADE GAMES lol any ways best list so far

  4. -dynasty warriors next
    -dynasty warriors 8 xl ce
    -samurai warriors 4
    -samurai warriors 4 ii
    -warriors orochi 3 ultimate

    and all of tecmokoei game for vita is awesome biatchh!!

  5. Some of my favorite vita games are Gravity Rush,wipEout 2048,Freedom Wars and LBP Vita. I plan to get Persona 4 Golden +Dancing All Night soon. Plus the danganronpa games

  6. Good video cheers for uploading, I think Persona 4G definitely gets the no 1 spot in my opinion. Games you're missing are Dragons Crown, Borderlands 2, Child of light and Need for Speed MW. I have every game on your list apart from 2 little big planet and freedom wars I might just pick them up after watching this video. Also I'm in interested to hear a review on the football games available on the vita. I love playing Fifa on my PS4 and always have done one previous ps

  7. killzone mercenary should be no. 1 P4G no. 2 and freedom wars no. 3. and where is tearaway? every vita exclusive should be enjoyable in my opinion

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