What are YOUR favorite PS4 Exclusive Titles? These are some of mine. Social Media: …


  1. Where’s The Last of Us Remastered? Horizon Zero Dawn? Uncharted The Lost Legacy? As others have said, you have mislead people as none of the titles on that list are from 2017, and you should have included the new and upcoming games that are making the PS4 and Pro better and more popular.

  2. Imo:
    1: Uncharted 4
    2: Until dawn
    3: Bloodborne
    4: Horizon zero dawn
    5: Ratchet and clank
    6:Tlou remastered
    7: Nioh
    8: The last guardian
    9: Infamous second son
    10: Gravity rush 2
    11: Drive club
    12: Tearaway unfolded

  3. Very surprised Horizon Zero Dawn wasn't on this list. It should've switched spots with Ratchet and Clank, and that's coming from a guy who thought both games were sub-par

  4. And I quote!
    "Bloodborne utilizes many of the core elements present in the Dark Souls franchise. However, what sets this game apart is it's gore and intense difficulty."

    I haven't played both. (Potato PC) But I'm pretty sure that Bloodborne's difficulty isn't what sets it apart from Dark Souls.

    1:-The Last Guardian
    2:-GranTurismo Sport
    3:-InFamous Second Son
    6:-Death Stranding
    7:-Detroit Become Human
    8:-Uncharted 4
    9:-Horizon Zero Dawn
    10:-Killzone Shadow Fall
    (TnV gaming has also has a very great exclusives list but in my opinion these are good at all)

  6. Where does a lil butch like you even get the idea you can put together a list . You used to fucking game on Nintendo and Xbox your whole life you know shit about PlayStation all you diagnostic that had xbox Xbox 360 are still considered lames don't think just cus you jumped to PlayStation when ps4 came out you a real gamer or some shit !No! You are still a fucking idiot who played Xbox your whole life

  7. Minus Digimon Story Cybersleuth & Ratchet n Clank (which i'm not even sure if they're fun 'cuz i haven't tried them, but they LOOK fun) I think PS4 exclusives are fucking trash. Cinematic story games are the cancer to modern gaming imho

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