Ranking the 10 best hack and slash video games released on the Sony PlayStation 4. These are top-rated action-based PS4 titles currently available on the PlayStation Store. Support this channel…


  1. Wtf is this list, Dark Souls 3 and HellBlade on second and first place but no Nier: Automata, no Metal Gear Rising…
    Dark Souls 3 is an Action RPG, hack'n'slash my ass.

  2. #whstoplay _ interesting list but you are missing Darksiders II Deathfinitive Edition, Dark Souls II Scholar Of The First Sin, Lords Of The Fallen, The Surge, Attack On Titan, Nioh, Bloodborne & Nier Automata

  3. I didn't have a chance to play the recent Monster Hunter World beta. Can someone tell me if that is a Hack & Slash game and your impressions of the game? Thank you

  4. WTF is wrong with you? Hellblade and DarkSouls are NOT hack and slash, are you crazy? Seriously, i'm doubting now abbout the seriousnes of this site and i'm unsubscribing because of this mistake. Can't believe you guys call yourselves "professionals".

  5. ok seriously wtf is this shit list? Playscores? Bloodborne, dark souls 3 and nioh have more Points and yet only Dark souls 3 appear on the top? fuck you guys you dont even follow your own rules.

  6. Senuas sacrifice number 2???? and tales of berseria not even in the list.. god damn man you got to found a new job for yourself . You cant put stupid senua sacrifice higher than all the mythic japanese hack and slash games.. discrase

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