The 10 best RPGs to grace the PlayStation 4 console thus far. These are the highest rated triple A and indie games on the market. Whatoplay is your source of …


  1. Great i have been battleing in my mind what to get wasteland 2 or Divinity wastland 2 has the power to fight battles without haveing to reload the game but divinity looks better.

  2. Final Fantasy Type 0 is one I personally would put on the list, which is quite big considering it's just a free game that came with the paid ff15 demo.

  3. I'm glad I pressed the link I've already played bastion the game was good sadly it didn't took much to finish but the child of light seems interesting but I haven't watched the whole video yet so hmp…

  4. this woman does not know how to speak decimal numbers. She says eight point seventy four instead it should be eight point seven four. duh! did she even go to school?

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