I take a look at the best single player games that don’t need the internet. NPC NPC NPC NPC NPC! NOT NCP FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, new edition available …


  1. Thanks for this vid. I only play off-line due data limitations and prefer to explore worlds alone. This was a handy list. The Witcher next, I think. I think you would have added Horizon Zero Dawn to the list. Beautiful game.

  2. 10. fallout 4
    9. monster hunter world
    8. Detroit become human
    7. the last of us part 2
    6. gta 5
    5. uncharted 4 a thief's end
    4. god of war (2018)
    3.ghost recon: wildlands
    2. horizon zero dawn
    1. assassins creed origins
    your list was bullshit

  3. @ Oscar I DON'T like playing online as 75% of people tend to be assholes 😀 so this was a wonderful thing to find on your channel. Fallout 4 was disappointing to me due to no choices having real weight an the near total removal of rpg elements compared to fallout 1,2,3 an New Vegas. still loved it but it did as much wrong as it did right (my own 2 cents) loved the list otherwise and forgot Doom released so will have to get that resolved post haste :).

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