Top 10 BEST First Person Shooter FPS GAMES of 2016 and 2017 for PC, PS4 and XBOX ONE. The BEST upcoming FPS video games in 2016 and 2017!


  1. I wonder if I can be game creator and make game like FPS and much more

    But I can’t I’m just Deaf guy I can’t communicate other worker that code the game 🙁

  2. 2017 and there is no good game use real weapon or real shit scenery just only for shit 10 years old kid ! why they never build good game for once ?! syberpunk2077 and escape from my ass and routine ..silent hill 2017 where are them ?????? they release them on 2015416354321646541
    143213.5413.213541341324513.541 years later ? they just delete or update ????

  3. battalion 1994= another shitty war game like call of dutty and battlefield, 0 originality.
    quake champions= quake= shit for autistic kids that probably like minecra
    ghost recon=battallon war garbage 0 originality its like zombie movies … there are aloooooott and a f ton of them.
    get even= you will get reckt by a goat if u buy that crap, i mean wtf is that shit? you just cant do a f fps right and u must put pixels deaths now fuck me please
    strafe….looks like a f duken nuken 2 wtf is that for cellphone?
    ghost recon finally…finally a f game whit original content , oh no wait we already got a fucking cod 6 and btf 5 …
    insurgency sandstorm=darude sandstorm my brain just died at this point another fucking war tardshit game whiout any new content.
    new call of duty game : 7:187:19 is that the new generation of realism wtf? i can get those death jumps by cheating 0 gravity at f counter strike 2005 u think that is f realism are u from the moon or something we got a f new civilization of turds.
    prey: i tested.. is a fucking shit couldnt play it for mre than 20 f minits coz the gameplay is a f shit and the movements seems autistic as fuck i preffer to play another fucking call of dutty 7 than that shit.
    sniper elite ghost warrior 3 : if u already didnt got enought war shit games whit cof6 bttf6 arma 3 f zombi shit tards left half life cs and other shits u can try this copypaste war game.
    destiny= i dont know that game but looks like a fucking mmorpg fps crap at least its not another fucking cod or bttf copy but… fuck this year and 2016.. worst years for games ever.

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