In this video, we take a look at the Top 10 Upcoming First Person Shooters in 2016/2017. Are you interested in any of these titles? Comment your thoughts on …


  1. Why are some people so interested in playing online in first person shooter games when some of them all they are doing is camping all the time
    Has people gotten that lazy to not have the ability to move around everywhere in the map to get their kills
    Instead they rather to just sit and wait for people to come so they can get an easy kill
    People are already sitting on their ass playing a first person shooter game
    why sit in the game and wait to get a kill when they can go and kill
    It's just showing how pathetic and boring game players are

  2. all you told about law breakers is true… 1 thing. the game is SO MUTCH BETTER when you play it. its realy good and werry fun. only that the dude that have the rifle whit holo scope in the video dont have a scope anymore. they removerd it in test 0.5 cus of all the players was just camping… and the game is a fast game so no camping. if you are intrested in real gameplay i recorded during No NDA. that shows real gameplay.

  3. Does anyone remember a 1st person war game on the PC that came out around 2000? You start off in a camp at night and I think you were a prisoner or something. I totally forgot the name and I really need someone to help me out here

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