Welcome to Gamecross’ countdown of the top 10 upcoming ps4 rpgs in 2016. Let us know what you think of this list in the comments section down below!


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  2. I'm hopinh with Mass Effect Andromeda is that they first release a remastered version of the Mass Effect Trilogy I'll love to play that on ps4 before getting into this new galaxy but nonetheless I'm excited for a new Mass Effect game

  3. there are way too many action "rpg's" which are way more action than RPG. When I think RPG, I think medieval, tons of characters (that I get full control of what they do in a fight) and strategy. The problem with these action RPG's with multi-person parties is you rely heavily on the computer to fight the battle …I mean they do control 3/4 of the party at any given time. So the outcome of the battle is weighed heavily on the computer. I personally like to have full control deciding whether I die or not. The only way action RPG's work is if it a single character party. When it gets up to 4, guess what!!? The computer beat the game for you. Can't wait to see how slow and choppy game play gets in FFVII REMAKE and FFXV when you have a 4 person party battling a bunch of enemies ….the screen will be super cluttered and full of numbers flying everywhere …good luck really understanding what's going on and if you are winning the fight. These games need to be turn based!!!! Save the action RPG's for single hero games

  4. About The Division "you see if i can take him" "i got ya gogogo" im not racist but i hate this American uninteresting style in the game the only thing that i truly liked in the game was the pk mode and the very stable and fair co-op the rest was garbage the story ; i dont know if i can even say.. However if this was a horror game with survival and disease instead of criminals and shit or atleast filled with both like the walking dead series then yes i would say that the game is definitely worth but only then..

  5. I was pretty sure that Persona 5 would be nr.1. on this list, but not even an honorable mention.
    Not a bad list, but I think many games flew past your radar.

  6. Wait wait wait… you have a bunch of FPS in here and you don't have Star Ocean 5, Persona 5 and Nier. And lol if you think FF7 remake is coming out this year. And if you do, how on earth do you think that it's not as good an RPG as Deus Ex? lol at this list.

  7. Kingdom Come Deliverence, South Park: The Fractured But Whole, The Division????, Dark Souls 3, Sadly Kingdom Hearts III, Mass Effect Andromeda, again sadly Final Fantasy XV and Deus Mankind Divided are all FUCKING MULTI-PLATFORM you could literally put these 8 fucking games into a Top 10 Shitbox One RPG list, and if this list is in order you're a complete retard as Final Fantasy VII is easily the most anticipated. Oh also Shenmue III is possibly end of this year or next at some point, clueless bastards.

  8. 4:02 The famous Wilhelm scream audio 🙂 I love catching these because they're so random in movies and games but no one notices it unless they know it is a unique piece of audio lol

  9. I get that some people don´t like Dark Souls, that´s ok, every game has its own fanbase. what i find stupid is when those people say "because is repetitive" i mean come on, every gamer love at least 1 franchise, AT LEAST, and each franchise is repetitive in its own way, even Final Fantasy, and I love Final Fantasy. They made a game, people loved it, so they keep making it reusing the stuff you liked with a few changes, thats every franchise ever

  10. deus ex is piece of shit ,always has been,always will be -Canada has never made a good game,ever  -deus ex promises everything and delivers nothing and I can understand people being fooled once but u hipster retards know nothing if u can play that pile of shit and call it a good game -you're paid off fucking shillbots ,not gamers,not game reviewers ,just advertisement drones

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