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  1. Can Square just stop with the FF series? Growing up with how good they used to be and watching the disappointing shit they're becoming is depressing. Ruling out fanboys, it's apparent that the people defending these new games are easily entertained/have low standards as long as the graphics look good, or haven't experienced the good FF games when they were still coming out.

  2. WTF with that FF XV demo? Just walking with a repetitive music will be the game? I saw really interesting things about this game, it's more than a walking sim, trust me

  3. Can't wait for Suikoden VI to come out in 2016 or 2017.

    Based on the tentative logo for this game as it shows the Circle Rune, the setting is likely Harmonia.

  4. Horizon: Zero Dawn looks insanely good. This one went under my radar. Going to have to peep this one out a bit more. On a side note, just picked up Trails of Cold Steel. One of the last batch of jrpgs that were made for the PS3. It's INSANELY good. Missed that one too even though it came out in 2013-2014. There's no ridiculous stereotypical jrpg characters, no annoying and squeaky people talking and the story is actually digestable. It reminds me a lot of how "grown up" Lost Odyssey was on the 360. Even though LO STILL had that one damn squeaky, annoying character.

  5. WOWW, I can't wait until I finish my university program so I can delve more deeper into these games and do so without being distracted

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