The gaming console that made Sega irrelevant in the late 90s. The People’s Console: The PSX.


  1. Tenchu 2, Crash Bandicoot (trilogy), Tomba 2, Spyro (all series), R4 racer, Brigandine, Future Cop LAPD, Gram Turismo, Medal of Honor, CTR, Resident evil (all series), Legacy of kain and blood omen, Duke Nukem are the best! I've ever played.

  2. So many wicked gems on your list, fair play to you but the highlight was the comedy at about 27:49 hahahaa, I never heard Lara with such a foul mouth before =P

    I'd love to know what that dialogue is from too.

  3. I really loved red alert retaliation. me and my brother always played it link mode in the game clubs. One day my only wish was to have 1 ps1.

  4. In my opinion FFT was actually the best game ever made for PSX1, runner up is ISS PRO Evolution 2, no.3 goes for FF8, then there is room for the great platformer games like Crash Bandicoots, Spyros, Abe's Odyssee, Suikoden 2 was also excellent. I also enjoyed FF9, Street Fighter Zero 3, Tekken 3, Darkstalkers 3, Duke Nukem: Time to kill

  5. PSX had horrible graphic back then and its even worse today. No one will ever replay those crapshit. Early days of 3D are as bad as early days of 2D on old Commodore. SNES has timeless graphics and probably better gameplay for most parts as well.

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