In this video, we take a look at the Top 15 UPCOMING PS4 RPG’S of 2016/2017. Do you agree with my list of the Top 15 UPCOMING PS4 RPG’S of 2016/2017?


  1. Valkyria Chronicles Remastered: Well this looks interesting, i never played the series before so i might check it out.

    Tales of Berseria: Well this is a game that can hardly wait for, i am a big fan the Tale's series.

    NIOH: Well as a fan of the Souls series and the souls like games that are being made, along with my interest in the Yokai of Japan, i can safely say that i am very interested in seeing on how this game turns out.

    Kingdom Hearts 3: well this game has been a long time coming i had almost given up on it.

    Dark Souls 3: The grand finally of the Dark Souls trilogy (barring DLC), though i doubt this will be the end of the Souls series overall, after all before Dark Souls there was Demon Souls. . .

    FF 7 Remake: Well i have never finished the original game before i might just go do that before buying the remake since it is purchasable in the PS-store, though i will say that the fact that they are making it episodic and changing the battle system like that does concern me a lot.

    FF 15: I really hope this is better then 13 or 12. . . i really do.

  2. Look Valkyria Chronicles was a great game, one of my all time favorite, but ENOUGH with the remasters/remakes already, GIVE US NEW GAMES!

  3. Ok so I had no idea both Nier and Nioh were both RPGs but now along with my must have ps4 exclusive rpg list including Horizon Zero Dawn and final fantasy 7 remake I will be putting Nier and Nioh on my radar for sure!!

  4. I think they don't know how to make titles. some these titles are multiplatform games. the division, kingdom hearts 3, dark souls 3, final fantasy 15, mass effect, and deus ex. can even say ff7 because it says first on ps4. need to fix the title of the episode because people are dumb enough to think all these are ps4 exclusives.

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