Best Action Games For android & Best Action Games For iOS. Yo guys this time I brought this top 20 action games as there are actually tons of games this I found …


  1. X.cor.R (Prologue) – ultra – new – cool android action game!
    Events in the game happen in the endless marshes, extending for many kilometers, in the taiga.Inaccessible places and constantly advancing marshes make this region difficult for human survival.Dangers on every step, unexplained natural events and thousands of mysteries await researchers.In the heart of marshes is based a scientific expedition, that studies the abnormal phenomenaand collect rare objects and materials. According to the legends, in these places,Here you will find flooded constructions, having very ancient extraterrestrial origin.The player will take part in the events related with the activities of mysterious alien race,existed in the vast marshes from ancient time.And commit raids to collect materials for the expedition,constantly being exposed to danger from the abnormal creatures of ancient civilization.

  2. Sorry for late post for those who wait for my videos I have to manage my college too so it get late sometime, I always try to make atleast once in a week but maybe can take sometime 2 or 3 so if you feel boor check out my other earlier one there are many more I have made you surely will some good there.

  3. Note:-FPS/TPS Games not included as I have already made many list for it and I always try to add newest game or not much know games main aim is that you can compare all and find some good games to play.

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